A Selection of Hipparchus-Relevant Papers

Hipparchus Geopositioning Model: an Overview (AUTO-CARTO 8, 1987)

Spatial Data and the Voronoi Tessellation (Dr. Dobb's, 1992)

TileShare: Maps as Computer Images (Dr. Dobb's, 2005)

Ellipsoidal Area Computations of Large Terrestrial Objects (Global Grids, 2000)

A Seamless Global Terrain Model in the Hipparchus System (Global Grids, 2000)

Ellipsoid Radius-Vector as a Near-Conformal Ellipsoid to Sphere Mapping (2008)

From County Boundaries to Satellite Orbits with a Single Geopositioning System (Sorsa 1999)

Pipeline (AHGPP) Database Location Reference System (ASP 1984)

Geologic Information Visualization (R. A. Ambroziak, 1993)

Three Presentations on Geographical Analysis and Modeling (Waldo Tobler, 1993)

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