Hrvoje Lukatela

(Mugshot) Hrvoje is Chairman and Chief Scientist of Geodyssey Limited. He is also the creator of Hipparchus.

Hrvoje was born and educated in Croatia. He graduated in 1971 as a Survey Engineer from the Faculty of Geodesy, University of Zagreb.

Soon after graduation, Hrvoje joined IBM in Zagreb where he provided general systems engineering services to IBM's customers, primarly in the area of scientific and systems programming.

In Canada since 1973, Hrvoje worked for several engineering companies on survey engineering, project management and technical computing projects. One notable project (MANOR) called for the development of the automatic coordination library for the horizontal geodetic control adjustment program for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. Another interesting project required field astronomy for the orientational tie with Mecca for the King Abdulaziz University Jeddah campus layout.

Moving to Calgary in 1980, Hrvoje participated in the Alaska Highway pipeline project with management responsibilities for engineering and project management computer systems. Here he conceived and first implemented a novel method for geo-referencing and processing high volumes of location-related data.

In 1985, Hrvoje struck out on his own, consulting to Shell and other organizations on matters relating to geometronics and the design of large spatial databases. It was during this period that he crystallized the design and initial implementations of Hipparchus. Early implementations incorporating these ideas were systems for AccuMap EnerData (Calgary) and Environment Canada's Ice Centre (Ottawa).

In 1991, Hrvoje joined with John Russell to form Geodyssey Limited.

Hrvoje is a member of the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario and the Canadian Cartographic Association. He has published numerous papers on the subject of computational geodesy and spatial databases, including the definitive "Hipparchus Geopositioning Model: An Overview", AutoCarto/8, Baltimore, 1987.