Hipparchus Free Demo Downloads

Following is a collection of freely downloadable Hipparchus Windows demo suites.

Their format is generally that of a self-extracting zipped collection of Windows directories, programs and files. None of these downloads need to be formally "installed" within Windows. They are completely self-contained and may be removed at any time with a simple Windows delete operation.

Galileo for Windows

Four downloadable Galileo suites are:


Georama CD face

One downloadable Georama "sampler suite" features a regional Atlas, namely New Zealand. This suite is approximately 4MB in length (zipped). After downloading, it is usually best to be unzipped into a root directory named Georama. Download Georama for New Zealand now.

The complete Georama CD World and USA atlas is also available for download as a 450 MB CD image (".iso") file. It's md5sum is 4fccfea77e6d4d7a20a1353332c194e7 georama.iso. Download Georama CD .iso file now.

About Geodyssey

Hipparchus is exclusively owned and distributed by Geodyssey Limited of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Geodyssey Limited is a private Alberta corporation owned and operated by software professionals who are dedicated to the ongoing development, promotion and support of Hipparchus Technology.

Geodyssey Limited
Suite 240, Panarctic Plaza,
815 8th Avenue South West,
Calgary, Alberta, T2P 3P2, Canada

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